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Is it cost effective not to use a trusted Whitehorse Realtor® to take care of you? Are there any advantages for you to sell your own house?

Not really. You could easily get less money for your home; overprice it and scare buyers away; make mistakes that leave you with legal liability; waste time and money; put yourself or your home in danger, with unqualified buyers, or “buyers” with other motivations.

Your Whitehorse Realtor® will direct the process and protect your interests. If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.

Disadvantages of NOT using a Licensed Whitehorse Realtor®

  • Lack of selling information
  • Setting unrealistic market value scares buyers away
  • Reduced exposure reduces your chance of getting the best price
  • Unqualified buyers can waste your weekends and evenings
  • Time off work to meet a buyer during the day
  • Non-refundable, upfront fees
  • Unprofessional/problematic showings can chase buyers away
  • Many buyers prefer to deal with a REALTOR®
  • People that do not show up for a showing
  • Unprofessional marketing leaves a negative impression
  • Asking the right questions, and professionally answering questions
  • There are trust/concern issues between buyers and sellers (big investment)
  • Whom are you dealing with, in your home (safety)
  • Does the buyer qualify, with their bank, to purchase your home?
  • Your home goes off the market each time a buyer tries to qualify for a mortgage
  • Will the buyer have to sell their home before they can buy yours?
  • Are you prepared to negotiate price?
  • Unprofessional negotiations can trigger emotional responses
  • Will the buyer stick with the deal, or cool off over the weekend?
  • Is the buyer looking to save or split what would amount to a sales commission?
  • How will you protect your interests in the sale of your home?
  • Who will advise you when you need help?
  • Have you prepared, or hired someone to prepare, the contract?
  • Have you researched and prepared all of the documents required?
  • Is your home bylaw compliant?
  • Have you properly disclosed any and all problems with the house?
  • The deal can easily fall through based on debts, incomes and down payment.

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