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Here is the information you need to help you prepare your house for sale. If you want Dome Realty to represent you in the sale of your home, We provide our clients with a complete sellers package, comparative market analysis (property evaluation), virtual tour package and professional marketing that reaches from our local real estate market to the global real estate market.

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We understand that selling a home, for a certain price, within a specific time frame, is a concern of all of our clients.

As a Realtor®, I will not knowingly position my clients for disappointment. Inflating a listing price, above market value, to get you to list, will only hurt your bottom line.

You want your property to Sell at the best price and in reasonable time. This requires a thorough market analysis, via a team effort, through Dome Realty. This will ensure your home is price effectively. To do otherwise, can leave your home languishing on the market,

Lowering the price, after pricing too high, will leave a negative impression; i.e. what is wrong with the house. It is my job to ensure a thorough market analysis is completed; and it is your decision whether or not to go with that evaluation.

As a conscientious Realtor®, once my appraisal is complete, I will leave it in your hands to decide. My job is to protect the best interests of my clients. Sometimes that means hard truths, but I will do my best to get you the best price. This industry is built on referrals; and I want you to feel good about referring my services.

I understand that selling and moving is a stressful experience. It is my job to help reduce that stress by ensuring clear and timely communication. We take a dedicated and professional approach when helping our clients.

My team make it possible for me to provide a high level of service. It is impossible for any one Realtor® to be everywhere at once, or to be an expert in all aspects of a dynamic real estate transaction; however, you will have access to the best advice available, and proven support systems. The team I work with, make it our mission to ensure you are getting the best service.

After 25 years in the world of business and marketing, my experience positions me as a specialist. You want a Realtor® with skills for marketing, negotiations, customer service, product photography, planning/strategy, contract law, attention to detail, and dedication.

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Taking wide angle shots to capture the entire room

My marketing insight and strategies work to bring awareness across the Yukon and out of the territory. I use a variety of marketing channels to generate awareness for the houses I sell. This is a huge value to my clients, and to those families who are looking for a new home. When exposure for your house is increased, more buyers are made aware, giving them opportunity to choose your house as their new home.


The following links and videos will give you tips and strategies to get your home ready for sale; including, cleaning, painting, decluttering, managing pets, fixing the little things, preparing and cleaning the yard and entrance, staging your home for the best first impression, and gaining insight into the entire selling process.

Whether you are up-sizing, or down-sizing, or moving in or out of the territory, there are moving, selling and buying challenges that you I can work through, together.

Sell Your House in Whitehorse and Yukon Communities

Sell Your House – Guides and Info

Getting Your House Ready to Sell  (PDF)
The Perils of Selling Your House, Yourself
Selling Your House – The Canadian Bar Association

Make Your House Stand Out

Preparing your house for sale (videos)
Preparing your house for sale (more videos)

Getting Ready to Sell your House – Info and Guides

Sell Your House – The Big 10!

  1. Get obsessive: declutter and depersonalize every room.
  2. Kitchen and bathrooms: are the heart of every home, so make them showrooms.
  3. My House is Your Home: make it clean and inviting, like a high-end hotel suite.
  4. Curb appeal: You get one chance to make a first impression.
  5. Get your own building inspection: fix problems ahead of time and put buyers at ease.
  6. Research Staging your House, online, on this site, or call AJ Malcolm for details
  7. Know your selling points: make a list of selling points that will attract buyers.
  8. Timing: listing in April/May, gives the summer to sell, when people prefer to move.
  9. Market your home: professional marketing will reach a larger audience of buyers.
  10. Price it right: If the price is too high…
    • You will most likely lose time and money, in the end
    • You will lose your biggest market impact (the launch)
    • Momentum and interest will quickly decline with Realtors and buyers
    • Marketing $$ and energy will be wasted
    • Your time and energy will be wasted on fruitless buyer tours
    • Your home can sit for months or years, until you reduce the price to market value
    • The price may have to go lower (sometimes a lot lower than where it could have been
    • To price your house properly, we need to research the selling price of similar homes,
    in your neighbourhood, and produce a professional Comparative Market Analysis.

Some ideas to improve the look and value of your house

  • Lighting – Update light fixtures in key rooms to modern style
  • Cabinets – Paint/refinish/replace old hardware with modern handles/knobs
  • Counter tops – Upgrade counter tops with granite or granite look
  • Tiles – Install a tiled back-splash in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Paint – Use light colors that reflect lots of light – no blue and pink bedrooms
  • Flooring – Pick two rooms and put in easy to install, modern flooring
  • Molding/Trim – After painting, you can install molding for a cleaner finish
  • Windows – Light colored blinds, valences, shades, and curtains can add color and space
  • Convert a Room – New paint, add electrical outlets, and/or add a closet
  • Bathroom – New shower curtain, toilet seat and bath mats
  • Repair – Replace bulbs to add more light. Patch and paint holes or cracks in the walls
  • Faucets – Update kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Artwork – Nothing personal. Use artwork tastefully
  • Plants – Smaller plants with bright blooms or leaves add color to a room
  • Unfinished Space – Finishing the basement can be reasonable if you do the work
  • Wash the House – Curb appeal is very important to home buyers
  • Mailbox – First impressions should say well maintained
  • Yard – Clean up the weeds, and make the most of your landscaping
  • Fixtures – Clean all lights and hardware in the house
  • Garage – Clean and empty creates a functional looking garage
  • Front Door – Paint or replace if necessary – (maintenance)
  • Paint the House – If peeling or faded, update the color to a modern look
  • Doors and Windows – Clean/fix and paint the frames, if needed
  • Fencing – A full fence adds considerably to the value of your home
  • Clean the Driveway – If it’s winter, get rid of the snow
  • Patio or Deck – Make it look like new (wash/paint/clean) and add plants and lighting


Building Contractors in Whitehorse
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Yukon Inspections and Permits 
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