As we progress toward higher energy costs, building energy efficiency into your home will  pay back increasingly, increasing the value of your home.

The key is putting the money, you save on heating, towards your mortgage payment. It is possible for energy efficient upgrades to pay for themselves.

I am researching competitive suppliers of cost-competitive, energy-efficient products. This will include heat pumps, HRVs, furnaces and other products, systems and information.

I will continue to research and post rebates and information for homeowners. For now, I have listed a few rebates, as follows:

Property Tax Grant
Yukon Home Owner’s Grant

Natural Resources Canada
Retire your old appliance and get $50

10% refund on your CMHC mortgage insurance, for:
A) Buying an energy-efficient home
B) Purchasing a house and making energy-saving renovations
C) Renovating your existing home to make it more energy efficient
D) Benefits of a CMHC Green Home

Good Energy Rebate Program – Yukon Rebates
Get your rebate in 3 easy steps!

New incentives for building secondary suites
The maximum value available for secondary suites under this incentive is $10,000.

Wind Prospecting Service Program
For off-grid residents, who are interested in wind energy, here is the
Energy Management and Monitoring, Financial Incentive and Retrofit

Yukon Housing Home Repair Program
Low interest rate loan – up to $35,000 to repair their principal residence

The Green Source Funding Database – Reclamation of Yukon Land
Agri-Environmental Baseline Indicators (Data Collection)

The City of Whitehorse Senior Utility Rebate
Available to Whitehorse citizens aged 65 or older, or to surviving spouses who meet the program’s criteria. The Utility Rebate provides a rebate to citizens from fees paid under the water, sewer and garbage services up to a maximum of $500 per year.

Refunds and Rebates for Yukon Homeowners – Whitehorse Real Estate – AJ Malcolm