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Building SuperGreen Homes

Information for SuperGreen homes in Whitehorse Yukon; and information and ideas for building SuperGreen homes in the Yukon.

Yukon Housing built SuperGreen homes in Ingram. The walls are 16” thick, with Cellufibre insulation, Quad windows, R40 crawl space, R80 Ceilings and HRV unit. Kwanlin Dün First Nations, were trained to build these SuperGreen units.

SuperGreen Yukon Homes - information
Energy Efficient Homes have an energy rating of 80+
SuperGreen Homes have an energy rating of 86
Net Zero homes have an energy rating of 86+
Energy Cost vs. Home Construction Type (Chart)

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2012 Energy Star Standards, for New Homes (website)
Dec 2012 ENERGY STAR® for New Homes (Standards) – Yukon (PDF)
Dec 2012 ENERGY STAR® for New Homes (Tables) – Yukon (PDF)

One Year in a SuperGreen Home (website)

Ideas for Building SuperGreen Homes in Whitehorse and Yukon Territory

Retrofitting – Aiming for Supergreen Performance – PDF

Owner/builders talk about living in energy-efficient housing – YHC

Supergreen Homes

Four Part Video Series:

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SuperGreen Part 2.flv

SuperGreen Part 3.flv

SuperGreen Part 4.flv

80+ Green/R-2000 Home construction will save 50% in heating, over 2×4 construction
86 SuperGreen construction will save 50% over Green construction (5k-7k extra cost)
86+ Net Zero construction will save 50% over SuperGreen construction (60k extra cost)

Warranty is only as good as your contractor – Industry standard is one year, but this is not legislated In the Yukon. Your new home will also have warranties on the equipment in the home, i.e. water heaters, furnace, flooring, windows etc.

A green home is built to the same standard as an R2000 home. The registry for Green Homes is at Yukon Housing Corporation.

The current City bylaw (Building and Plumbing bylaw 99-50) requires that all homes, built today, meet minimum thermal values, have an HRV and air exchange of 1.5.

Most homes built from Sept 1st, 2009, will be green homes. Only an energy audit can determine this for sure. A Green requirement of 80 is needed for a Green home.

In 2013, the City will require that contractors submit a building plan that meets the energy efficient building code. After construction, an energy audit will be required, and an efficiency sticker will be placed on the breaker panel. Still, some homes may fall below a rating of 80, to 78 or 79, if the home is facing north, there are large or extra windows, or more exposed walls. It makes sense to have an architect design your home for energy efficiency. Energy prices are going to continue to go up.

The current rule of thumb, for building an energy efficient home, is to take the money you would spend on heating a less efficient home, and put it into an energy efficient home with upgraded windows, wall thickness, insulation and mechanical processes that work to make the home more energy efficient. In other words, use the extra cash that you save on heating towards your mortgage.

Energy Efficient SuperGreen Homes in Whitehorse Yukon | AJ Malcolm