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My Experience!
I have had a long career in business and marketing. Starting at an early age, I pursued entrepreneurial projects, in which I was immersed For 27 years. I worked with marketing managers for companies like Peoples Jewellers, Walt Disney, Lucas Arts, X-Box, as well as a variety of national retailers.

Brief overview

  • Currently working on WhitehorseLife.com
  • Designed/marketed electronics products for most of the retail chains in Canada
  • Designed/marketed frozen gourmet dinners for most of the food chains in Canada
  • Operated and managed a variety of gourmet restaurants in Canada
  • Co-owner and manager of one of Canada’s top 10 restaurants
  • Designed/marketed Canada’s largest, independent, online retail store
  • Nominated for Entrepreneur of the year, in 2003
  • Managed Yukon Entrepreneurship Center
  • Distributed and promoted Music Yukon CDs, across Canada, through 2000 retailers
  • Researched, wrote and published free business start-up book for Yukon entrepreneurs
  • Developed & taught a Business-English course for a private school in Anyang, Korea

Marketing, business development, teaching, negotiations, strategy and business ethics.

Eight years of college and university, with honors, including business administration, law, business information processing, computer programming, marketing, environmental science, land management, arts and science and real estate.

Work Experience
Real Estate, marketing, consulting, negotiations, senior administration, customer service, product development, photography, manufacturing, importing & exporting, graphic design, computer analyst/programmer/tech/repair

Community Volunteer Work

  • Business consulting for new and established businesses
  • Business and marketing assistance for Yukon entrepreneurs
  • Marketing and distributing Music Yukon CD samplers to thousands of national retailers
  • Marketing for charities and good causes
  • Sponsor child since 2002

How did I get here?
I moved to Whitehorse in 1974. It was a cold, dark morning when my family and I landed on the Whitehorse tarmac, via CP Air.  -40 was new to all of us.

I spent most of my youth working with my family, in our restaurant. We started with a small takeout, which we built on to our small, family built log home. Our small takeout grew into a fine dining restaurant, which was recognized as one of Canada’s top ten dining experiences.

Eight years later I decided to move into the world of frozen, gourmet dinners, which evolved into a long-term career in product development and marketing. My focus was on the best of the best, at the best price. I developed and built all kinds of quality products, designed packaging, managed customer service and quality control. I enjoyed seeing my work meet public approval.

As the years passed, my work was taking me further away from the lifestyle I previously enjoyed, in the Yukon, so my family and I decided it was time to move back home. It was the early spring of 96, when we hit the road. This time we landed in the gold fields, south of Dawson City. We stayed the entire summer, camping, prospecting, cabin hunting (from the gold rush days), panning for gold, counting bears, looking for old bones and soaking up the midnight sun. It was relaxing and beautiful; free from phones, pagers, faxes, email, TVs and computers. It was the perfect place to wind down and reflect, before moving forward. When the fall set in, we moved to Dawson City and opened a small, fine dining restaurant, which operated for five years, before we made the move back to Whitehorse.

I carried on with a variety of projects, spent some time overseas teaching English, and did volunteer work. I went back to university and studied environmental science, law, marketing, real estate, computer programming and land management. From there, I took more time to study global affairs, politics, and world economies. I wanted all of the information I knew I would need, before I stepped into a new career. It is the external variables that play havoc with entrepreneurs, so I took a good look at the externals and decided it was time to make a change towards a balanced, Yukon lifestyle, with a focus on family, community, career, and simplicity. My beautiful wife and her website

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AJ and baby Julia, Whitehorse, Yukon

Volunteering for Good Causes
I have a passion for teaching and helping. I try my best to make myself available to volunteer for good causes and charitable organizations. My focus and passion is on people and animals in need of assistance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Changing the World
Leading by example seems to make a lot of sense; however, It also makes sense to consider the incredible value for humanity when all children of the globe are equally respected, loved and cared for. When that happens, I think we can truly say humanity evolves to the next level.

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